Live from the AXICA in Berlin

Stream your event with the quality of a TV style show!

Your concept is empowered from the heart beat of Europe

As a broadcasting location with proximity to Berlin’s politics and culture, and thanks to the Frank Gehry architecture, AXICA gives your topics and messages a special significance.

The streaming studio concept in the AXICA is ready!

A fully equipped studio design with three cameras, microphones, lights and speaker monitors is already being used for several shows. This is surprisingly efficient, especially for series formats. Additionally booked for one-off shows and online product launches.

We have your production plan virtually ready to go!

For conversations, presentations or interactions, we have prepared a lively production flow. Crisp video trailers create the impression of a TV show. And we coach your moderators and speakers.

Demo Videos

Get to know the studio and its possibilities in this short video.

This is what your lively video trailer could look like at the beginning of your live event.

Watch an extract from our “Ideenfrühstück” series with presenter Bernhard Wolff.

Seven good reasons for a hybrid format at AXICA, Berlin

  1. Enhancement of your message from one of Europe’s most dynamic cities
  2. A Gehry archicture designed walk-in plug & play studio
  3. TV style quality already including video trailers and core production plan
  4. A streamlined concept of pre-prepared workflows
  1. Onboarding and coaching for your actors and speakers
  2. AXICA Premium Service for guests, actors and VIPs
  3. NEXT NOW full creative and event management


NEXT NOW is a partner of


Impressed? Then let us speak!

Contact us via our webform. We’ll be happy to invite you to studio workshops, an online events, and a free initial consultation for your own hybrid format event. And of course we’ll respond promptly!

Event Image Gallery

Begin with a creative start for your face-to-face or hybrid event in Berlin's own "Architecture Statement" by Frank Gehry.

Image: AXICA Berlin

Hybrid 360 - Integrate your speakers where they should be, on stage!

Image: AXICA Berlin

AXICA in 3D! Enter virtually as an avatar, move around the rooms, listen to your speakers on stage and network with each other interactively.

Image: AXICA Berlin

Downloads and More Info

Live Events from the AXICA in Berlin


An overview of the finished product. A german speaking B2B breakfast series for the Meeting & Events industy called „Ideenfrühstück“ (Breakfast of Ideas).


Moderated by NEXT CONVENTION Co-Creator, Bernhard Wolff

Download (DE)

Your Team of Expert Co-Creators

NEXT CONVENTION is a specialist partner of AXICA, Berlin for the conception and production of streamed events, online, hybrid or virtual!
We formed after the first year of the pandemic and are inspired by the radical changes and new challenges.