Make your next corporate event as effective as possible. We will support you as a Co-Creator in the orchestration of your project.

How we interact with and at events has perminantly changed. The content, platform, audio visual, participants roles, budget, scheduling and expectations. Everything needs to be reevaluated and newly planned. The simplest and most effective method is through co-creation. Innovative, imaginative and responsible collaboration from creative hybrid event experts.
We are there for you!

Our promise to you

We make sure that your participants feel close to you even at a distance, that they can engage and contribute, that they are impressed and entertained, that they are presented with relevant content – and that they experience well-prepared speakers in imaginative formats. We do everything to ensure that your communication succeeds from person to person. For us, this also includes asking the relevant and forward-thinking questions: about meaning, values and social responsibility.

Co-Creators for your challenge

Bernhard Wolff
Moderator, Keynote Speaker, Founder “Ideenfrühstück”

Co-Founder, CXO Fuenfwerken

Timo Brockmann
Stage Director, Show Producer

Sebastian Dörnemann

Director Agency MOMENTMACHER
Founder Studio-Hammerbrook

Tim Hanschmidt

Creative Director and Founder
Original Versionz – produces trailers, teasers and transitions for online events and social media

All from a Single Source – Our Offer to You

Consulting & Conception

— Initial Consultation – free of charge
— Co-Creation Workshop
— Initial Core-Concept
— Production Concept
— Campaign Concept

Experience & Engagement

— Evaluation of participant expectations
— Unifying elements and customs
— Interaction & Surprise
— Concepts for participant dialogue & engagement
— Group Collaboration and Networking

Empowerment & Speakers

— Speaker Empowerment Coaching
— Coordination of external Speakers

Format Development

— Storyline & Storyboarding
— Agenda & Detailed Schedule
— Panel Discussions
— Presentation Format Variations
— Script & Screenplay
— Moderator Guide

Production Concept

— Studio Needs Review
— Set Design (equipment, decoration, props)
— Broadcast Strategy (platform, streaming, videoconferencing, switching)
— Show-Call and Staging Plans

Media & Design

— Event Staging Conception and Design
— Media and Screen Design
— Conception of Trailers & Transitions
— Creation of Briefings & Storyboards

Project Management & Creative Direction

— End-2-End Creative Direction
— Content-Oriented Project Management
— Professionally Managed Co-Creation Process
— Concept Intergration Management
— Research & Project Assistance

Co-Creations for your Inspiration

Kick-Off 2021 „Ipsen VIEW“

Co-Creation with a pharmaceutical company: Together with Stefanie Gerhardt on the client side, our Co-Creators developed the production for the employee Kick-Off 2021. Dialog and engagement activations received enthusiastic participant feedback.

TEDx Talk „Reduce Distance in Corporate Events“

Together with HWP Zurich, our Co-Creators developed an online TEDx Talk. In this keynote Bernhard Wolff articulates six basic principles for emotional proximity in virtual formats.

Bernhard Wolff – TED-Talk “Reduce Distance in Virtual Events”

Online anniversary "100 years of BDO"

You can also toast 100 years of corporate history virtually. Together with event manager Christine Ensinger, our Co-Creators developed the storytelling and the stage direction – including a celebratory toast.

"Freed from your Computer"

Do outdoor creative sessions empathetically consider the needs of the participants? Create unique experiences for virtual participants away from their computer!

"med.novaNtion" - A virtual innovation forum including a healthcare trade fair

On behalf of Healthcare Convention, co-organizer of med.novaNtion, BERLIN CONVENTION (ex. Next Convention) supported with consulting and staging of the digital trade fair experience and virtual presence.

"Future Experiences" Virtual, Augmented & Extended - Interactive Storytelling

Our Co-Creators focus on unique brand experiences with a high-performance trade show booth installation. Through interactive storytelling and the use of tailored technologies, we create real interaction between you and your customers.

We always want to understand first your overarching challenge.

Let’s talk and find the right approach to bring your communication idea to life, together.

About Us

BERLIN CONVENTION (ex. Next Convention) is a service provider for orchestrating corporate events, online and onsite. We were founded after the first pandemic year and are motivated by the radical changes and new challenges in the Meeting & Events industry. BERLIN CONVENTION is an independent brand under the umbrella of the Convention Group. Our base is in the creative heart of Berlin but our Co-Creators are international. We would like to reinvent the world of live communication with you and look forward to a mutually inspiring collaboration: forward-thinking, collaborative, implementation oriented and socially responsible. So let’s talk very soon!


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We stand by the principles of “ECONOMY for the COMMON GOOD.”

As an alternative economic model, the common good economy relies on principles divorced from the financial balance sheet: constantly increasing the common good instead of maximizing profits. Gaining a measurable positive balance is our target, where our company, as well as our partners, can review and implement better practices for our future.